Who is the Book Witch?

Saturday, February 13, 2021


Hello Reader, 

You do not know me. I in turn do not know you. I am hoping we can meet in the middle and become wonderful friends. My name is Amanda and I am a writer as well as a dreamer. I believe a part of me never really grew up. My imagination is still firing and still ever so powerful. Sometimes it gets me into trouble and I have a hard time fitting in some crowds. But I find that those who share similar qualities make the best company. I am a mother who Homeschools as well as writes a blog, takes photos of books, and writes reviews. I find myself busy chasing my passions as well as raising my children to follow theirs. I love to read books of fantasy and mystery. But I am not shy to romance and indie authors. 

I am a believer in magic, fairies, and fantastical beings. I believe in miracles, afterlife, and new birth. I believe in the power of love and determination. My hobbies include cosplay, music, writing, and photography.  I find the my peace in the quiet and in nature. My favorite place to be is in the mountains and close to trees of all kinds.  Fall is my favorite season as it triggers my creativity and sparks my energy. 
I hope we can become wonderful friends, and that you enjoy my page as much as I enjoy writing. I will be writing about my journey as an aspiring author. I will also be writing book reviews and interviewing artists/authors. 

Thank you dear reader for your time, 

The Amanda Book Witch


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