“The House Plant” A Short Story by Jeremy Ray. Short Story Book Review

Monday, March 1, 2021


  “The House Plant” By Jeremy Ray Review

 Hello readers! Typically I do not read short stories because I have a full list of full novels that take up my time. But I was willing to make an acceptation out of curiosity for this short story that I am about to share with you. I have seen this short story floating around the “Bookstagram” feeds over the last week and it peaked my interest. How many stories do you know in which takes the life of a plant or a dormant subject? Not many! I had to know what in the world this little story was all about so I agreed to give the short story a quick read this evening.  Do I regret reading a story about a House Plant? 
 (Long pause.)

NOOO! I do not regret reading this short story, in fact I am so happy that I did.  I cannot wait to share why! 

Summary from my Bookstagram:

“The House Plant” by @jeremyraystories was the short story I read during my evening down time. It is about a plant who doesn’t want to go home with a human woman. The tale goes on and you start to grow attached to the bond the plant and the human woman have during the short time frame. 

And before you know it the story is over and you are wiping your tears away. One by one you are reminded of how beautiful people can be and should be. You are reminded that beauty isn’t in the way things appear but how you respond to all things big or small. Plant or person. Through love and compassion we can all heal and grow.” 🖤

I had no previous thoughts on a story about a house plant, as I have never really thought of house plants as physical beings who feel anything at all. But this story taught me something when I least expected too which is why I am giving this short story a rating of five stars. The House Plant begins with the relationship between a human and a plant. There are mixed emotions regarding the plant’s feelings and the humans but over time this changes in such a warm way, I could feel my heart breaking. There is something truly magical when a story can make the reader feel emotions they did not plan to feel during their reading experience. To learn a lesson in such a simple story is one that I treasure more than any long and elaborate novel. Jeremey Ray has written a short story but the story is anything but small. The House Plant story teaches a HUGE lesson to love even the ugliest of things and show compassion for even the smallest of things. He managed to write this in giving an example of the love of a human for everyone she met and took care of, and how the House Plant was changed forever due to her kindness and love. That the main character’s kindness can stretch past the realms of humanity and stretch towards the realm of plants and other living creatures. What a remarkable way to represent the way we humans should be towards all living things, including plants. This story was nothing like I expected and I truly feel I am a better person now that I have! 

“The House Plant” A Short Story by Jeremy Ray

“The House Plant” receives a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5!

I am so excited to have read a warm message that I am going to read this story to my children for their reading time tomorrow. I plan to incorporate this story in with their lessons as well for the week. To stretch past that I also think I may share this with friends and family. As well as the Pastor at our church. This message is needed during the hard times, when everyone around us can feel so distant and cold. It has been a long time since I learned anything remotely significant from a story. The House Plant is a refreshing read that will warm the heart strings. Make sure you grab a tissue, and the next time you go to the store maybe grab the “ ugliest” plant and share the love. I know I will. Thank you Jeremy Ray for writing this outstanding read, and for trusting me with this review. 

This Short Story is A. Book Witch Approved!! 

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Where to purchase “The House Plant”? Follow the link below! Also available on Kindle Unlimited!

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