The Hills and Hamlets Bookshop in Serenbe ( Pt. 2)

Sunday, May 30, 2021


Our First Visit to The Hills and Hamlets Bookshop:

When we found our way to the Hills and Hamlets bookshop we were greeted by the most sweetest woman in the entrance. The bookstore itself was just stunning, with each piece strategically placed as if it were on a film like Beauty and The Beast or Harry Potter. The wooden ladder was leaned against the Antique book section just as it should be. I was so mesmerized by the design of the bookshop itself that I did not even look at all of the books until close to the end of our visit. As soon as you walked in the smell of books hits your nose, paper and wood. 
To the left are Literary Candles they feature near the register. I usually do not go for candles like this because they do not really smell like the book but I smelled these and I can honestly say they do smell like the books they represent. For instance the Shire candle smelled of grass and fresh morning dew. 

The smells it represents are Moss, Smoke, Sage, and Pipe Smoke. This candle was SPOT ON to what Middle-Earth would smell like...which makes reading more special doesn't it?  

As soon as we entered the store we were greeted by a very kind woman who gladly took our two children under her wing. She enthusiastically asked them their reading level/age and guided them to books for their age/level. She also pointed out books that were recommended and interesting. I was very impressed by her knowledge and genuine love of her job. Both of my children actually took home the books she helped them pick out. During my visit in the store she guided me through the books that were recommended by staff. I found that the majority of the books I was drawn too had been already staff picked by the Owner Megan. ( From what I am told, her and I need to be friends. And from what I learned about her that day, I insist I go back on a day she is there just to say hello!)  It did not take me long to realize that there was a slight Harry Potter vibe going on in the store. 

The store reminded me of Ollivander's. From the location of the Antique books and the wooden themes, and old rustic aesthetics. The sign of the store is beautiful as well. The store all together, readers, is an experience. My only regret that I have about visiting is that I did not catch the name of the sweet woman who assisted us during our visit, and not getting enough photos of the bookstore to share with you! 

I can promise you the trip to Serenbe is worth the drive itself as the town is beautiful. But the Hills and Hamlets Bookshop is a gem. This bookstore is not like a chain book store that can be overwhelmingly large. Hills and Hamlets Bookshop is a book store of any reader’s dreams! It’s the kind you can just come in and read for a while. 

The warm and inviting feeling you get when you find yourself there is easily received by any age. ( I know as both of my children felt right at home.) I promise you will not regret visiting this lovely bookstore. I believe this store was made with love and passion. It is very evident in the design and the people that work there. 
We will be visiting again often, as we have claimed this town and this bookstore as our new "staycation" spot. 

Thank you Serenbe and Hills and Hamlets Bookshop for the warm and inviting atmosphere, we did not feel like visitors but more so like long awaited family.

Cannot wait to come back for another visit soon!

A. Book Witch


If you would like to visit Hills & Hamlets Bookshop the hours are Thursdays-Sundays 11 am- 6 Pm. To reach them by phone the number is (470) 488- 0330. Their website is:  

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