Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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                       Welcome to the Book Witch's Den!

 Below is basically a map to my blog! There you will find out what each tab offers. Be sure to subscribe to the list to get updates and notifications of new posts

                                            Amanda The Book Witch

  • New Author's Tab- This is where I will share all of the debut Authors that are Indie writers who may not have a traditional publishing house. They are Authors that have given me the opportunity to share with you information on their books and their interests. I conduct interviews with at least 1 Author a month but would like to increase this as time goes on. If you would like to BE one of the Authors that I interview please email me @Amandathebookwitch@gmail.com or DM on my Instagram @Amanda_Thebookwitch.
  • Book Reviews Tab- This section is a bit self explanatory as it is where I will post my book reviews from books that I have read, or from the Indie Authors that have entrusted me with their book babies. I will try to have at least one a Month but as homeschool Mom sometimes that does not happen. I will do my best to make this a regular feature. I enjoy writing them! To have your book reviewed DM my Instagram or email. 
  • My Adventures Tab- This tab is where you will learn all about me, and my adventures. I will discuss my writing journey and all the fun that is involved with publishing.  It will also be the place I share my adventures and travels with as I explore nature and towns to inspire my stories and my work. I will also post updates on my Children's book and my other work as I continue my writing journey. This tab is most important to me as it is more of a personal tab and I welcome you to get to know who it is that I am and for your support & friendship. 
  • Homeschooling is Magic-   This tab was the most fun to create, because it is the most personal. I am a Homeschool Mom with huge hobbies and dreams. The most important job that I have currently is teaching my children. The biggest form of magic is the ability to watch a child learn and grow. It is from this tab that I am going to share all the fun and all the tears that come with the most important job in the world. Framing young minds to be brave, loyal, kind, smart, and magically creative.


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