June Author Spotlight: Saudamina Mishra/Dhi

Saturday, June 26, 2021


Who is your favorite Author?
"Harold Robbins and Ian McEwan"-Dhi

Hello fellow readers and ghouls. Have I got a wonderful post for you today! I had the pleasure of doing an Author Spotlight on someone I admire very much this month. She has written a book that provides amazing incite on life and self reflection. She was more than happy to be featured and answer a few questions for us! Her words from her book have given me the confidence in myself that I have been seeking lately. Her words of wisdom are truly a treasure for anyone who takes the time to download or purchase her book. Take a look at the Spotlight Interview below!  

Author Spotlight Interview:

What did you want to be when you grew up? ( How long have you been writing?)

"I had declared my ambition of writing to help people when I was an eight-year-old. I used to pen quotes and illustrate them in my journal even back then. of course, I didn't know the term 'author' or anything about the genre of 'self-help' at that age, but I suppose, I knew the essence of what I wanted to do."

What inspired your books?

"People-I have always maintained this. They, their personalities and what we can learn from them have been the sole inspiration for my books so far."

What is your favorite Author and favorite books?

"A Stone for Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins and the biography of the artist Frida by Hayden Herrera." 
 Authors: Harold Robbins and Ian McEwan.

What genre do you write?


What or how did you decide to publish your book/books?

"I knew that since the stories and personalities of people I had written about had taught me so much about life and it's mysterious workings, they could be instrumental in helping others who might be going through similar ordeals, and help them cope as well. Hence, I decided to publish, but it was only in 2020, that I spurred to action all over again, by my Goddess, my late mother, that I had finally had my first book published; and then it was the unforeseen, overwhelming love that the first one had received, that made me publish the second one this year."

Tell us something interesting about you! 

"I believe in my own theory of numerology (the subject of my third book) to the extent that I could forget people's names but not their challenge and name numbers!"

What other hobbies do you enjoy?

"I have no time for hobbies since my career today is founded on all that I love doing, but since I am a trained western-classical violinist I do work to that, playing in the background."

Tell us more about your book or books that we should know!

"Well, as I mentioned above, my books belong to the genre of "self-help" and not intended to entertain. I believe books out to be tools that assist when in one's wellbeing rather than just a source of temporary escapism. To me, books are guides, instruments of connectivity and practical wisdom and that's exactly how I conceive my own."

It was such a unique experience to read some of this book myself over the last few days. The words in this book resonated deep within my soul. 
Saudamina Misha is truly a light in the darkness. I am so lucky to have made a friendship with such a talented and wise woman.

Here are some words of wisdom I highlighted as I was reading her work.

 I hope you enjoy! Scroll down for more information on this Author and her books! I highly recommend anyone on a search for personal purpose to take the time to download/purchase this book today. 

-A.  Book Witch

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