Mr. Maloof by Danielle Marietta Illustrated by Sarah Jane Docker

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Mr. Maloof by Danielle Marietta Pub date is 3/1/22, Pre-orders are up for grabs!

My son and I were gifted this book from the sweet Author, Danielle Marietta. This book is beautiful from the cover until the end. The illustrator Sarah Jane Docker did a fabulous job with the design and the illustrations. This story was an absolute treasure to read with my son Ryder. We enjoyed the moments of genuine laughter as we got to know Mr. Maloof and his tricks. Ryder found it particularly funny as well because he too is a silly kid. He loves to play pranks on his Daddy and sister. I think any child who is playful and full of spunk will enjoy this book too. As a parent, I felt especially touched by this book because of it's message. The simple reminder that no matter how old you become, it is perfectly okay to remain silly. It is more than okay to be yourself, despite the age or the social expectations. I needed this reminder as a Homeschool Teacher and Mom. I needed to be reminded to be goofy with my kids and let loose a little. To enjoy the little moments in life that pass us by. To take wonder in all of the new adventures that my children embark on with me by their side. To laugh from inside of the heart and play often. Life can be so serious at times and children these days tend to grow up a lot faster than most. I feel this book teaches a very valuable lesson for the child and the parent alike. I will keep this one in my Homeschool library for many years to come and pass it down to my grandchildren one day. I will also be ordering two more, one for each of my nieces.

I highly encourage you to go ahead and Pre-order your copy On Amazon or wherever books are sold, so that you can add this gem to your home library. I promise you will not be disappointed. Danielle Marietta does not disappoint. She is in touch with her inner child, and it shows. I absolutely love her writing style and so does my son. 

Thank you, Danielle Marietta, for this AMAZING read! We cannot read to add more of your books to our school.  (I will be adding the book reading of, Mr. Maloof, from our Classroom to yours via our debut Youtube Channel. Stay tuned for more updates!)

Danielle is originally from Seattle but has been living in the DC metro area for the last 15 years. While studying at Howard University she met her husband. And although Danielle has always enjoyed writing, she did not take it seriously until she spent hours on end reading to their three children. She writes for them.

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