What Can Hayes Be? By Kayce Smith

Thursday, March 17, 2022


Hello Readers! My son and I had the pleasure of reviewing a fantastic Children's Book written by Kayce Smith called, "What Can Hayes Be?". 

Kayce Smith is a mother like me, who loves her son and wants all of the wonderful things for him in this life. Her heart created a book out of love and the book is so instrumental in teaching children to believe in themselves, it was an honor to read it to my own son. Each page is full of beautiful illustrations displaying Hayes, the main character in different careers of life. He is sporting a prosthetic leg that does not stop him from doing any of the activities he loves. The story explains that the prosthetic leg can come in multiple colors like red and blue. The images on each page kept my six-year-old son engaged and entertained. He loved watching Hayes attempt new adventures without reservation. I especially liked the touch of the Shriner's bear in each photo. Hayes is seen doing karate, surfing, and even floating in outer space. What an amazing thing to have little eyes see! 

We rated this book a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5! 

As a mother it is very important to me what a child reads and watches. I feel like positive messages for children at such a young age can help them develop positive thinking. My son was able to see that a child was able to be anything he wanted to be even with an extra special prosthetic leg. He was happy for Hayes and wanted to know more of what all he could do. Not only was I encouraging my son to aspire to be whatever he wanted to be but I was also educating my son to learn all he could about all kinds of people. This story hit home because my Grandfather was paralyzed in a car accident when he was newly married. He had two choices after his accident and that was to allow the disability of not being able to ever walk again place limits on his life. Or he could take his disability and work hard to make sure that did not define who he was. Over time he became a leader for young men and those who were injured in the military looking for guidance. He went on to compete in wheelchair races and other competitions. He won many medals and inspired so many people due to his strong work and determination. He used his disability to raise awareness and use it as a teaching tool not as a limit to his life. Kayce Smith wrote this book for her love of her son and wanting to teach him that he too could be all that he wanted to be in this life. Not to mention how amazing it is to use this book and their journey to inspire other children with prosthetics that they can overcome anything life throws at them. We will cherish this book in our library. I also would like to donate one of these books to our local Library and Children's Hospital. 

Thank you, Kayce Smith, for such a remarkable read! Thank you for the encouragement and the wisdom. If you would like to know more about Haye's journey please follow her Instagram page @whatcanhayesbe. And if you would like to support the Shriner's Childrens Hospital who helped them during their journey, that would be something that the Author would appreciate. 

Her is her website: What Can Hayes Be?


 Feel free to check out our reading of "What Hayes Can be?"  On YouTube! There will also be a live reading of this story on Friday 4 PM Est. Please follow my Author Page on Facebook @AmandatheBookwitch. 

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