The Compass of Vinland: Book One of the Magic Shoes Series by Dani Resh

Saturday, June 11, 2022

There is just something about a book sometimes when I am reading it that tells me that I am about to go on the most wonderful adventure. I do not know if maybe it is the way it is written within the first few pages or just a gut instinct. I seem to know when I am about to read a good story, even if I have not read the book all the way through. This fact was defiantly the case for Compass of Vinland by Dani Resh.

                                                                            Book Blurb: 

The book starts off with the Main Character Wren Larkin feeling completely isolated from his Father and his family in general. He takes comfort in his bird friends and taking care of plants. His home is also very unique in fact. The home he lives in resembles a shoe. The story is truly fascinating for a reader ages 10-12. The adventures the story unfolds will hold the attention of any child around those ages and adults alike. I am an adult and I found the story really enjoyable. I loved getting to know the characters that the author created for the reader. Maria is a wonderful female character with compassion and knowledge. And an unexpected friend named Rusty turns out to be a very brave and loyal friend as well despite what their peers and teachers think about him. Wren comes to realize that his family (without giving spoilers) is from Vinland after discovering a secret shoe workshop under his house. The best part about discovering this insane workshop is that Wren finds three pairs of MAGICAL SHOES with the names of Wren, Maria, and Rusty on them. It is then that he realizes that their friendship is not just happen stance but for a true purpose. Without giving the entire story away I can tell you that the book has been so fun to read from start to end. I did not want the story to end at all and I am so glad that the Author is planning to make this a series. I could not get enough of Vinland. The world building is perfect for the age the book was written for and is not too hard to understand. I found the book to be an easy read and full of action. I do not think there was a moment in which I was not captivated by the events that were unfolding page after page. I did not know what to expect when the Author sent me the book to review. I came into this book with an open mind and I did not even read the back of the book to get a sneak peek. I just dove right in! (I love doing that from time to time! I love the surprise.)

If you are a reader who enjoys adventure, magic, friendship, good versus evil, and a new world full of vast possibilities to explore than this book is the perfect book for you this summer! Author Dani Resh truly created a magical story here and I hope that many readers find the same love for this book as I have. I just could not get enough! I do not want to give too much away so I will close with this information, maybe a little sneak peak of what is yet to come. 

There is a moment in the book in which I could not place the book down. I was so invested in wanting to know what was going to happen to Wren and his buddies. I had to keep turning the page, that I kept accidentally reading to fast over sentences. I would catch myself having to go back and re-read the pages. I just LOVE when a book makes me want to read what happens next so badly that I truly skip things in excitement. This is why I absolutely love reading books for this age group as they are always so jam packed with adventure and curiosities. There are some darker elements to this book and so that is why the age group is listed as 10-12. (magic, some violence, loss, and struggle)

I hope my predictions are right about this book, I think this book is going to do wonderful things to the readers of the world. This book is worth checking out, and who knows...maybe you will find that with this book the shoe fits? (Pun intended)

More about the Author and how to find this book:

"Compass to Vinland: Book One of the Magic Shoe Series is Dani Resh's first novel. Having been born on Friday the Thirteenth, she has always been drawn to the more mysterious elements of life. The pull of the unknown has inspired both her visual and literary work. She enjoys collecting strange things from even stranger places and will never grow tired of the gothic music of her youth. She lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter, and son in a house that is hidden by an army of pine trees. To learn more, please visit her website at  --This text refers to the paperback edition."

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