The House On Moon Creek Ave by E. Reyes

Thursday, June 16, 2022


            You guys! I am screaming in 90s kid delight!

I have literally spent the last few days recovering from this last read. I have not finished a book that fast in quite some time. I guess all I needed to get me out of my reading slump was to just read a thriller. That should have been a no brainer. I am on the TikTok app and I found an account that shared vintage Goosebump books. I followed this account long before I realized it was an account of an Author. I saw Author E. Reyes share his books soon after I began to follow his content. The book that struck me instantly was the cover of The House on Moon Creek Avenue. The vintage look of the cover was so appealing to my inner 80s/90s kid heart. I ordered the book right away and as soon as it came in, I ripped it open and began to read. 

This review does not have any spoilers but I totally wish I could share them!

The MC is named Cindy, and she is a single mother of a little girl named Mallory. She had a bad relationship with the child's father, so she left him to venture out on her own. With the help of her father and Uncle she was able to move into her Grandmother's former home. The story is set up much like a scary story used to be set up back when spooky stories were so good! She moves in and everything is fine, que in the 70s rock music. There is smiling and dancing. A feeling of eeriness starts to sink in when you realize that the new home is not all that it seems. The house is full of spirits and many of them are so scary that I had to make sure that I did not read the book before bed after the first day. I had forgotten how some of my books that I read carry on into my dream life. Let's just say I had some un-invited guests in my dreams like the Lady in The gown. This is one of the many spirits that cause Cindy to seek the help of well known paranormal investigators. As you continue to read the story you get to know Cindy and her family. You also get to know her love interest and her daughter Mallory. I love how the author managed to write different POV 's but still managed to hold my attention span. I could not get enough of the jump scares a long the way and the images that Author E. Reyes created. He certainly has a vintage flare about his writing and I very much loved reading his work. The end of the story was just as good as the beginning because I was unable to guess what was going to happen next. I tend to always guess the ending of stories and sometimes that is not always a good thing. I finished this book in a day and a half. This is a fast read for me because of my other duties but I was so thrilled to have a book that I could not wait to escape too. 

If you enjoy thrillers and stories of the paranormal, and a feeling of nostalgia then this book is the book for you. I truly feel this Author is going to be one of the writers I find myself coming back to time and time again. Keep supporting the indie authors in your community and online. They truly hold gifts that the world needs to see! I will be doing grade sheets for all of my reviews for now on. Author E. Reyes does a wonderful job at making his books look like horror books of the 90s. IF you love the Goosebumps and Stephen King, Reyes is a one of a kind too!

Here is the grade sheet for this fantastic read:

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