Goodbye 2022, and Hello 2023

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Dear Reader,

When I first started this blog a few years ago I anticipated becoming a professional blogger. In my mind I would review books for Independent Authors and people would come to my blog to read the reviews. Over the course of two years I have managed to run this blog at a mildly steady pace. To me I failed at executing the goal that I originally set out to make. I have trouble with consistency and focus. It is only now that I am starting to realize that the issue is more of a mental disadvantage. I cannot read many books back to back because my focus gets lost. I have a lot of responsibilities that take place first. Homeschooling is my main priority and in order to do it well I have had to place other things on my ever growing to do list on the side. By the time I am ready to sit down and relax my brain is so tired from the day that I just cannot seem to focus on a story. This comes and goes in waves. Some weeks I can read back to back without a problem at all. I am able to balance it all just fine. And then comes the down week in which I cannot do anything. I am waiting to get insurance so that I can see if I may have some form of ADHD/ADD. I struggle with many issues like anxiety as well and so keeping up with this blog like I originally planned just became too hard. Do I feel like a failure? In some ways yes I do. I wanted to provide people with great books to read and give my opinion on them. I feel like I have a lot to offer readers and can help them decide if a book is good to read or if a book is safe for their child to read. This year has also taken a toll on my emotional well being. I have been going through a ton of deep shadow work. I've explored into my heart and dived into what triggers my emotions. In doing so I have over come so many battles that I have faced over and over again in my mind. I have let go of people who were only hurting me. I have learned all the tools necessary to become a better boundary setter, and I've been set on the path of healing for some time now. This may have played a part in why I have not been able to read as many books as others or why I have not been able to post on my blog regularly. I have just been doing so much more. My healing has been eye opening. I've had to place myself first and place this blog on the back burner. This has been the best decision I have made in a while. I am so glad that 2022, led me to so many authors that have supported me all year long. Not only have I met other writers but I have made life long friends. That knowledge makes creating this blog worth it. 

Now this is not goodbye reader. This is simply a goodbye to 2022. A goodbye to the unrealistic expectations I have set for myself regarding the purpose of tis blog. Goodbye to the consistent nagging in my mind that I need to post. Goodbye to I have not posted enough. Goodbye to I have not read enough or shared enough. Goodbye to not feeling ENOUGH. I am a writer at heart. I cannot help it, when I speak sometimes it takes me a moment to get the proper words. I think before I speak and always have which is why typing this out seemed like the best call to make. I am not giving up this blog. I am simply shifting. I am not the same person that I was when I created this blog. I have changed so much and I want this blog to reflect that change.

What do I want to do in year 2023?

In year 2023, I plan to focus more on inward work. I want to dive into more self meditation, self reflection, and self improvement. I want to be outside in nature and explore places I have not explored. I want to see Mountains and rivers. I want to take my shoes off and feel the cool water of the creek hit my toes. I want to LIVE. I want to experience the joy of teaching my Son not just with his books but out there in the world. In Nature. Surrounded by the beauty this Earth has to bring. I intend on journaling in 2023. I plan to journal my adventures, my thoughts, my travels, and my healing. I want to share my journal entries here with you in hopes that I can help anyone else who may be on the path that I am on in the future. I want to paint more, laugh more, listen to music and dance more. I want to live my life without expectations. I think in doing so I can heal and grow in a free mindset. To share bits and pieces here with you would bring me so much joy.

What are your plans for this blog in 2023?

My plans for this blog is to keep writing here. I plan to read more books about nature, cozy fantasies, self-improvement books, meditation books, and inspirational art work. I will share what I am reading here with you at least once a month. I would say once a week but I just caught my breath hitching which means that makes me nervous. I have an issue with time constraints. ( I am working on that friend.) Not only will I share about the works that I read but I will share journal entries with you. I will share some of my personal space with you and the places that I visit. The things that I do and learn. I will also share any updates on my writing journey as an Author and Self Publisher. I am shifting from reader to a published Author this year. 

How will you work your Social Media in 2023?

Whew. Hard question. Social Media is daunting. Lately it has sucked the fun out of every day tasks. The knowledge that I need to make another video before the algorithm hates me. I just get so tired of the relationship. I find that worrying about social media has delayed my writing and my creativity. So yes there will be a shift there as well. I plan to create two separate accounts on TikTok. One is my normal Amanda_Thebookwitch. That account will stay as it is and I will share all of the books I read on there as well as silly cosplays and chats. The other account that I am setting up which is TheCozyWriterFiles, will strictly be my 2023 Journey into myself. I will share my trips, my journaling at least the artsy side, and any cozy thing that I am interested in at the tine. I will also be sharing more of my art work. I think having two separate accounts will help keep the app more do able. I will also be able to be more creative without all the pressure that I keep placing myself under. Instagram will simply be small snippets of my journey from all of the above. I will share those in a creative way and sometimes yes recycle my TikTok videos. Because let's face it, doing Reels and videos for TikTok separately is stressful. Facebook will remain as it is with small updates as I go. I do not get a lot of traction there so I am not too worried about it!

When will your book be published in 2023?

So far I am hoping by December of 2023. I think I may begin a Kickstarter account for it to cover the costs. I am currently writing that down to research all of the information I need. When the time comes I will be looking for beta readers.

Are there any new things you would like to share?

I am working on a small business on the side. I plan to have journals and other things to help those who are healing as well. I want to help anyone who has been through trauma heal creatively. I feel like art and writing can be a form of therapy. I want to help with this but first I have to live it to help and that is my main goal this year. The rest will flow in time.

I want to thank all of the Authors who have trusted me with your books. Thank you for allowing me to review them for you and share them with the world. I plan to still read indie books and only review for fun at this point. I would let to send each of you cards soon so please look out for a message from me so that I can get it to the right address. I hope that you will stay with me on my journey towards becoming a better person through healing and fun. I really appreciate all of you. 

Keep an eye out for an update regarding a Newsletter. I am still learning how to make those too! I hope you have a wonderful New Year! 

We all hold a special piece of magic within us and I believe in you!


A. Bookwitch 

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