Why Journal?

Saturday, December 31, 2022


Why the sudden urge to start journaling?

Well. The truth is I am stuck. Not normal stuck in a rut but I will come out of it stuck but literally STUCK. I cannot work or write anything without fixing that has my mind stuck. So one day I started thinking about when I was a teenager and how often I would write. I could write all the time when I was in high School. Guess what I was also doing? Yep. I wrote in a journal. I used black and white composition books to journal and would decorate the front of them. So I decided to focus my new year on writing in a journal all through out the year. Basically taking myself back to the basics in hopes that I will get out of the writer's block that I am in and also discover myself along the way. There are tons of benefits of journaling as well that I had no idea about! See below:

What kind of journals are you going to be using?

Hope to see you all in 2023!

A. Bookwitch

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