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Sunday, March 12, 2023


This is the possible logo for my business. So far I think it works, but this is subject to change.


The purpose of my business is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and help people who have endured trauma, or need a friend in a stage of life that feels lonely. I want to encourage others through journaling. I hope that my journals and other products act as a guiding light towards a better future. Not as bright as the sun, but as warm and welcoming as the full moon.

Where to buy?

The first journal is already live on Amazon, the link is in this post. Soon I will have another available for the month of April. I am super excited to start that I am losing sleep over it! Please be patient with me as I am learning how to do all of this as fast as I can. Please follow me on Instagram via Book Witch Press and Amanda_thebookwitch for more updates. Thank you for all of your support and love. It truly means more than words can say.

Link to the first Journal is here:

I Am Magic Journal

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