Death by Dragons by Sonja F. Blanco

Sunday, March 19, 2023

 They say sequels struggle to live up to the hype of the first book. But in my opinion that is not the case for the second book in the Witch of Ware Woods series. The first book was truly amazing and I shared my review of that on a previous post. The story follows Sara a strong main character, and her circle of family and friends in the beautiful forest of Ware Woods. The book is called Death and Dragons. 

The second book continues the story of Sara and her determination to destroy the evil that continues to have control over her life. The notion of dragons is very exciting for people like me who have always been fascinated by their power. This book did not disappoint at all. The characters are believable and truly grow as you join them on their mission to save their home. I loved the new characters that were introduced and I especially loved some of them more than others. The feeling of family, loyalty, and trust above all is most often learned from this book. You will find many moments when reading that pull at your heart for Sara. The story had a wonderful balance of romance, adventure, and all of the other elements that make a fantasy book worth reading. I am going to claim this now before anyone else has a chance to: Sonja F. Blanco has talent. She writes her books as if she has a magic power. The worlds she builds are so evenly woven together. Her characters each have their own back story, lives, and powers. They are not just thrown together quickly. No. It is very evident that this author has spent a lot of time curating her characters. That takes a ton of talent and a lot of love. Every page of Death and Dragons keeps you moving forward to the next. There was not a moment in which I felt bored or lost. The sheer annoyance that I could not read as fast as I wanted should be proof enough. The story is just that good and I devoured it! 

It can be very hard to review a book without spoilers. I struggled writing this one. But if you have read the first book Witch of Ware Woods, you know Sara is new to her magic. But she learns quickly and fights for her family and her beau. You will not be disappointed in her growth in the second book. And the dragons? Well. Let’s just say- some dragons are worth melting for….

Go.👏Get.👏 Both. 👏Books.👏 Now.


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