Hello, March

Sunday, March 12, 2023


Hello there witches, beasties, and the like, 

I have been so very busy since the last time I wrote a post. I apologize for my delay in writing and keeping up with this blog. I would promise that I will do better, but let's just face it. (Promises are really serious spells and I just do not want to cast one without full intent on keeping it.) So what have I been up too in my absence? So much! I have been learning so much in the month of January and February. I have been journaling as well but I have also been creating journals. By creating I mean designing journals. I have been studying how journaling and healing can go hand in hand. That was when I realized that I needed to be using my creative skills to help others. So in retrospect it first started out as a way for me to ease stress, to create something that was tangible. I have a Children's book that I am avoiding formatting but I figured if I could learn how to design journals and use the software to publish them than I would eventually feel more comfortable doing the same with my book. The more I learned about the benefits of journaling the more I wanted to create them to help others with anxiety, healing, and day to day life. In doing so I started my business and it is called Book Witch Press. I am fully committed into creating more tools to help others healing and in turn help myself too. After creating my first journal which is called "I am Magic", I published it on Amazon. Since doing so I have received so much love and support from family and friends. The book community especially has supported my new adventure with such positivity that it has sparked fuel in my drive to make more! 

Now that my business has started the fear of creating a newsletter has vanished as well. I did not realize how much I was holding myself back due to fear of failure. The newsletter is called The Book Witch Coven Newsletter. Why the Book Witch Coven? Because this is the name of my book club. Here the subscribers will get first news on my books, poetry, art, journals, and book club reads! I plan to set up a group page on Facebook or possibly Discord for the Book club portion. I would love to connect with other book witches and talk about books of all genres. Maybe even buddy read! I placed the link to my newsletter in my link tree. I will be sending out the first newsletters today. Thanks to the newsletter others can then stay in touch with me if something dreadful happens to social media channels. Speaking of The Book Witch Coven, did you know that the journal I created is a special edition? Yes! The first Book Witch Press Journal is a Book Witch Coven journal. This means that this goes along with the brand new book club and newsletter. I designed them this way to celebrate, so if you ordered one you are holding a very special copy. You will know by flipping it over and reading the back, if it says "Book Witch Coven" thank you ordered the celebration journal. 

I will make a separate post about The Book Witch Coven book club and such at another date. 

Let's check out my first journal creation! 

Inside, I have chosen quotes from different women in history. I chose quotes that meant something to me personally as a person and as a mother pursuing her dreams. I chose quotes that I thought would encourage others and help keep them company during their journaling. For subscribing to my blog you get a free downloadable print page that goes with this journal! ( YAY!) You will find that link at the very bottom of this page. 

                                                                Here is the journal:

I am super grateful for everyone who has signed up for the newsletter, purchased or shared the journal, and consistently interact with me on social media. You have no idea how much that truly means to me. If you are new here, welcome! I am super happy to have you here and share my world with you. Stay tuned for my Book Review on Death & Dragons by Sonja F. Blanco, and my new Rep collaboration with The Wicked Whimsy Boutique. Fun things this way comes! 

I hope you are having a magical month so far, and remember you are enough just being the magical spirit you are! 

                                                                        Love, A. Book Witch 

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Thank you for reading to the very end! Here is a free printable in connection with the I Am Magic Journal,   to show my appreciation for your support. The link below is a printable for the month of April! Have a great month ahead witches and beasties!

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